Tokenized Real Estate Investing

Invest in managed high-yielding rental properties for as little as $50
Tokenized Real Estate Investing

A Smarter Way to Invest in Real Estate

Low Investment Minimum

Tokenization allows wider investor base to invest in multiple properties starting at $50, without going through the daunting process of searching, transferring ownership and continuous management.

Low Transaction Fees

Use of smart contracts helps automate processes involved in real estate transactions such as title transfers, document verification, dividend payments and compliance. This makes investments more efficient and streamlined. Savings get passed on to investors.

Transparency and Security

Assets are freely traded at private exchanges, creating liquidity and ensuring transparency of pricing. Security of the market is backed by blockchain technology, providing highest levels of transaction security.

Proof of Ownership

Our use of Blockchain technology mitigates any issue arising from various ownership claims because the network validates each transaction and can demonstrate the rightful owner of the asset.

Tax Benefits

Get tax benefits on operating expenses, property taxes, insurance, property management fee. Lower your taxable income leveraging depreciation or defer capital gains tax via 1031 exchanges.

Global Access

Tokenyzed platform breaks geographic boundaries and connects investors from global markets. We enable investors from anywhere in the world to invest in high-yielding rental properties.

Investment Process

Step 1

Sign up

Creating your Tokenyzed account takes less than 5 minutes and is free. Click the Get Started button above and complete a simple onboarding form which includes email verification and a short KYC questionnaire.
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Step 2

Review Properties

Although each opportunity is vetted, we encourage you to review property details before making a purchase. View financial breakdown such as Investment value, cash flow and rental yield; documentation including inspection reports, LLC and purchase agreement as well as buying progress and market opportunity overview.
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Step 3

Buy Property Tokens

Select a default crypto wallet to hold your property tokens. We use USDC, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and available on various exchanges. Once you identify the property, proceed to buy the token quantity you wish to purchase. Tokens will be automatically sent to your chosen default wallet. Once the property is fully funded, token offering is marked as complete.
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Step 4

Earn Rent and Appreciation

Begin receiving monthly income proportional to the number of tokens you own. Value of your tokens over time is based on the fair-market-value of the property. Track income, make withdrawals, sell or exchange or watch your tokens appreciate, all at one place.
Tokenized Real Estate Process

Autonomous Governance

Our mission is to simplify management of investment properties and give the power in your hands to collectively make decisions on properties you own, whether its general repairs all the way to tenant selection via a pre-set governance structure.

The program runs entirely autonomously, with owners (as users) having voting power for major decisions about the property including tenant selection, major repairs, evictions or even sale of property. This structure unlike conditional transactional programs, are not built and maintained by Tokenyzed with profit motives because they are owned by the users.

Why Tokenyzed?

Fully managed properties

Fully Managed Properties

We work with local well-known property management companies who manage homes on your behalf. They source tenants, collect rents, manage repairs, and even deal with ugly situations such as non-payment, evictions or insurance claims, so you don't have to.

Predictable cashflow & appreciation

Predictable Cashflow & Appreciation

Our deep expertise in property selection and rental and home appreciation forecasting allows you to have the peace of mind while you earn stable cash dividends from rental income each quarter, and frequent updates on the superior price growth properties offer.

Data driven decision making

Data Driven Decision Making

Our intelligent algorithms analyze a vast array of data and synthesize meaningful insights from diverse inputs including Transaction history, valuation, crime in the area, natural hazards, rental market outlook to help clients identify and transact on properties more quickly and intelligently.

Ready to Invest?

We designed Tokenyzed with the mission to foster the global democratization of investment in formerly illiquid and unaffordable real estate asset class. Join the movement and reap rewards from high yielding properties!