About Us

About Tokenyzed

At Tokenyzed, we are empowering the world to build wealth through modern real estate investing. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for anyone in the world to diversify into real estate investing.

Residential real estate has proven to be the best long term investment in modern history, providing returns in line with stocks, but with half the volatility. The problem is, the majority of people who want to invest in real estate aren't able to do it. Most people are prevented from participating due to the high initial investment needed for down-payments and the many operational requirements of managing a property.

That's why we're building a new way to invest in real estate that makes it easier for people to start their investing journey today. With Tokenyzed anyone can buy shares in income producing rental properties starting at just $50. Tokenyzed takes care of all the real estate operations so that investors can sit back and collect net rental income and their share of the home's appreciation.

About Real Estate Tokenization

The greatest benefit of tokenized real estate is that it does not require purchasing the entire property. The investment amount is very reasonable and completely customizable.

Passive Income: Tokenized ownership allows investors to gain the same upside without finding cost-efficient property managers or dealing with a physical property; Passive income in real estate just became even more passive!

Equity availability: you can tokenize your own property to raise capital. This would allow you to have equity available, raise funds and purchase another property and grow your portfolio.